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The Power of Synergy
by Sigrid Dildine and Robert Porter Lynch
Draft -- Not for Release

Deep Yearning of the Soul

One of the deepest desires of any normal human being is to be harmonized, synchronized and unified with others, as brother, sister, husband, wife, father, mother, neighbor, teammate, or friend. It is this unity that creates synergetic energy which underpins powerful, invigorating relationships, be they marriages, families, teams, communities, alliances, and nations.

We have come to the conclusion that:

Synergy is the Deepest Yearning of the Human Soul

This quest for synergy is mankind’s highest aspiration, loftiest ideal, and most soulful yearning, yet the fulfillment of these deep yearnings remain our most thwarted and elusive goal. “Synergy” is the alluring archetypal attraction bound in its possibility of creating something more the sum of its parts. Experiencing synergy feels like the simultaneous confluence of all the great states of being: joy, peace, creativity, compassion, and love. Synergy captivates everyone, escapes most, briefly visits others, and for the blessed few, bestows enormous joy, wealth and success.

Power of Differentials

The eminent psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung foresaw the potential of synergy:

“The greater the contrast, the greater the potential.
Great energy only comes from a correspondingly great tension between opposites.”

Creating synergy requires a disciplined set of thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, practices, trained responses, expansionary behaviors, and spiritual understandings, coupled with a deep awareness of negative or undermining emotions, thoughts, and reactions. Synergy manifests when we consciously commit to a rigorous path, purposefully excluding choices that are subtly built into virtually all the world’s cultures. 

Foundation of Trust

All-too-often this noble quest for synergy is thwarted by our deepest anxieties, painful torments, and undermining fears. To attain synergy, it’s essential to understand synergy’s polar opposite – the fear of betrayal. For it is the juxtaposing of these two themes that has created on the one hand: wars, divorce, political upheaval, and tyranny, and on the other hand: civilization, technological innovation, institutions of commerce, healing, and learning, and even transcendental glory.

The interplay between the “Quest for Synergy” and the “Fear of Betrayal” is so profoundly engrained in our society’s institutions as to be nearly invisible. To discover its roots one needs to examine the archetypal sources that are so imbedded and intertwined in our culture -- each provides a story of synergy’s death, offset by very few powerful images, methods, or pathways for individuals to be born again -- anew at a higher level.

Trust is our natural state of being and our birthright – we are born into a trusting relationship with our mothers. Distrust is a learned behavioral reaction that, sadly, has run rampant in our civilization and collapsed all-too-many of our dearest relations.

Trust is the foundation of all enduring relationships; it’s also an essential prerequisite for co-creation and necessary to replenish and propel synergy.

Co-Creative Potential

We now stand at the edge of understanding what the great philosophers, spiritualists, and theologians have advocated: We cannot love God without loving our neighbors and ourselves. This is not an empty, abstract, distant love, but an active engagement requiring the mastery of synergy, where one creates through the act of empowering the differentials between people (1+1=3). Synergy means transcending divergent points of view, thus co-generating bold new futures where differences become the ever-renewable source of creative energy, the essence of innovation, the dynamism of new possibilities: in enduring friendships in your personal life, in teams, partnerships and alliances in your business world, and in “creationships” with those soul-mates destined to travel together on the same spiritual road. 

Synergizing Differences

“How do we synergize differences?” is one of the greatest questions of our time. Currently we live in a world where denying, obliterating, or killing differences is the norm, resulting in tribal and religious warfare and prejudice.

Unleashing the latent power of aligned fusion of differentials triggers a quantum shift in the human experience. This then should be our mutually noble endeavor to design the synergy of honored differences. This is the power to which Carl Jung was referring.

Reaching this quantum shift in experience requires daily practice of courage, honor, and integrity to build the trust so essential to all our synergistic relationships. Held within the seed of the architecture of cooperation is the power to let us bring a new insight, a new pathway, a new hope, a new spirit, and a new power to our individual and collective worlds.

When we learn to create and recreate this synergistic power that already exists within the human species, we will have attained a new evolutionary form of human being – homo-syngerens -- one that is truly suited to live in and cherish this earth and other humans that inhabit it. Taillard de Chardin once said:

The day will come when, after harnessing the winds, the tides and gravitation,
we shall harness for God the energies of love.
And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire

Alternatively he might have said: we shall harness for God the synergies of love and co-creation.

De Chardin was searching for the next stage of human evolution in his book, The Phenomenon of Man. However, he could not quite bridge the gap between our current state of conjugal reproductive evolution and a truly spiritual being that could stand near God. 

The next stage of human evolution is to attain a sustainable level of synergy – using differentials to access an infinite source of wisdom, abundance, learning, love, healing, mercy, and creative power. When we harness the architectures of collaborative trust and innovation, synergy will then come to us as a natural law, our spiritual birthright.

The human spirit loves excitement, action, adventure, exploration, and discovery; it’s in our metabolic nature. Imagine a pair of dancers being “at peace;” they’d be disgruntled; dancing is more fun – it’s synergy in motion! A boat sails only in a wind; calmness is calamity. Leaders seldom yearn for peace, but for advancement, such as achievement or power. Using the synergy architecture, we can channel the creative energies of the human spirit along the right pathway. 

Some spiritual masters maintain that we enter a “fourth-dimension” when we are on a path of inner peace and bliss – oneness with God and nature. The other fourth-dimensional alternative -- the path we believe is more practical and attainable -- is the Synergistic Path.

Path of Synergy

The Synergy Path is a journey of deep personal purpose and meaning, where we find our unity with God through synergistic, co-creative relationships, where differentials serve as an infinite source of innovation, and abundance thrives on activism and cooperative sharing. This pathway has been traveled recently by people like Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and the many who have chosen the courageous journey into the depths of human misery to transform their own being as well as the souls of others. Look to Habit for Humanity as an excellent collective example. We have observed and experienced this co-creative pathway; it is amazing, potent, and beautiful. The power of synergy is limitless.

When we consciously access the source of synergy within us and within others, we are able to fluidly connect across the boundary between our inner self, our relationships with others, and our world around us. We thus become whole and energized as the latent power of differences between two human spirits becomes activated and manifested. It is similar to what happens when a hot air front and a cold air mass touch -- at the boundary of the differentials in temperature energy is released in the form of lightning. While the power of lightning is unharnessed, we as human beings can channel and direct that energy using the synergy architecture.

On this synergy path a new meaning emerges for the term “us,” -- it begins to stand for the “united self,” or the “united soul.” This is what Aristotle was referring to when he said “Friendship is two bodies, one soul.”

Einstein said:

There are only two ways to live your life:
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.

By choosing this path and these practices and processes we can live our lives with the energy of miracles.

Human beings have the potential to rapidly transform their relationship with the world around them, and transcend the world’s most critical problems: war, disease, global warming, poverty, and spiritual emptiness.

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